A New Agenda for Mole Valley: Building a Caring Community

The Liberal Democrat District Councillor team have launched a new agenda for Mole Valley: Building a Caring Community

Caring for our Towns and Villages

Reduce traffic congestion and improve traffic flow in our town centres.

ŸSupport town centres and improve the retail mix by active town management.

ŸImprove the environment of town and village centres by upgrading pavements and ensuring effective litter collection.

ŸRe-introduce tourist information centres to encourage visitor awareness of the attractions of Mole Valley’s market towns and countryside.

ŸIntroduce a 30 minutes free parking period in all District Council operated car parks in Mole Valley.

Caring for our Environment

ŸProtect the green belt from development pressures and oppose destructive national polices; only consider development where land no longer serves green belt purposes and any development has the support of local residents.

ŸAim for a carbon-neutral District Council through energy conservation and solar energy programmes.

ŸPromote ‘green’ alternatives in District Council planning policies.

ŸTake pro-active measures to deter fly tipping through extending the Tips opening hours and using CCTV in rural environments.

ŸSeek to prevent localised flooding by better street cleaning, including clearing drainage channels and culverts.

Better Housing for a Caring Community

ŸUse Local and Neighbourhood Plans to initiate local development opportunities.

ŸPrioritise housing to meet local need, including social housing and housing for rent.

ŸPut planning emphasis on development of small units for sale or rent at prices within the range of local people.

ŸEnsure that the homeless are housed in accommodation that meets the decent homes standard.

Building Better Community Life

ŸGive all necessary support to organisations and services such as the Citizens Advice Bureau and Dial-a-Ride which provide services for local people and communities.

ŸMaintain and improve sports facilities such as playing fields and playgrounds and develop new facilities including at the Meadowbank football ground.

ŸProvide support for cultural and arts organisations, continue to improve the Dorking Halls and help to secure the future of the Leatherhead Theatre.

ŸPromote the policies in the Mole Valley Cycling Plan which aims to balance the rights of residents to enjoy living in the area with the rights of cyclists to visit the area safely.

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