Fly-tipping Set to Increase Across Surrey as “Tory Tip Tax” is Introduced

The County Council’s introduction of charges from 1 September 2016 for using the Community Recycling Centres, coupled with the reduction in their opening hours from 1 April 2016, is likely to lead to even bigger increases in fly-tipping across Surrey.

This warning was given following the recent publication of figures which showed that fly-tipping across the county has already doubled in the last two years: from 2093 tonnes in 2013/14 to 4441 tonnes in 2015/16.

The reduced opening hours and the introduction of the new charges have attracted heavy criticism from both Liberal Democrat councillors and local residents, all of whom have all pointed out that these proposals make it harder for residents to do the right thing when it comes to disposing of waste.

The full effect of the changes are:

* the Dorking and Cranleigh tips closing a half hour earlier each day and for one day a week, and having the types of waste they can accept limited;

* households being limited to one free bag of certain garden or building waste a day, with further bags costing £4 each (but green waste remains free);

* charging for loose waste – £50 per car load; and

* a £5 fee for disposing of tyres.

It was clear from the consultation and petitions presented to the County Council last year that Surrey residents valued and wanted to retain this service with no charges at the tip. Instead of listening to residents’ views, the opening hours have been cut and new charges introduced – both of which will result in damage to our beautiful countryside as fly-tipping increases.

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