Part Night Streetlighting

The County Council has adopted a Part Night Lighting Policy for its street lights which will commence in Mole Valley in early 2017.


This new policy covers around the 50,000 (of a total 89,000) streetlights located in residential roads and these lights will be switched off between midnight and 5am.

The streetlights which are not subject to this policy are:

* locations where traffic calming measures have been installed or formal pedestrian crossings are present – in such cases, some street lights in close proximity will be left on all night or the road itself may be excluded entirely;

* roads in close proximity to train stations or bus routes where the last train/bus arrives close to or after midnight will be switched off later than midnight depending on the specific circumstances; and

* the principal road network of traffic routes (A, B and C roads) and  roads in town centres.

The Part Night Lighting programme is expected to save at least £210,000 per annum.

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