Petition for a 20mph Advisory Speed Limit Outside St Martins School

Surrey County Council, following a trial period, have made the 20mph advisory speed limits outside Newdigate Infant School, Fetcham Village Infant School & Oakfield Junior School, and St Giles Infant School Ashtead permanent. They have, however, decided not to extend the 20mph advisory speed limits to roads outside any other schools in the district.

This decision has been made despite clear evidence that 20mph speed limits outside schools significantly enhance safety and reduce the risk of serious accidents involving school children.

As a result, the Liberal Democrat team have launched a petition calling on Surrey County Council to introduce an advisory 20mph speed limit outside St Martin’s School in Ranmore Road similar to the 20mph advisory speed limits that have now been made permanent.

If you agree with us, please sign the petition below.


Town Centre One Way System Is Being Resurfaced

The County Council is undertaking a £1million resurfacing project for Town Centre one-way system which will see South Street, West Street, Vincent Lane and the section of Westcott Road closest to the town completely resurfaced.

This follows on from the resurfacing of Mill Lane (the access to St Martins Walk Car Park) and London Road.

The roads will be re-surfaced in a special material which should last for 30 years without potholes appearing or any need for repair from deterioration.

The work is scheduled to take place at night between 8.00pm and 6.00am with noisy work being completed by midnight.

High Street Parking Regulations

The new parking regulations in Dorking High Street have finally been implemented with the aim of preventing traffic congestion in the town.

The new parking restrictions mean that (i) double yellow lines have replaced the single yellow lines between the pedestrian crossing at Lyons Court and the double yellow lines near Pump Corner, (ii) the rules for the single yellow line on the south side between Dene Street and Moores Road have been amended to prohibit parking during the day on Sundays, and (iii) the single yellow line outside The Old Courthouse have been replaced with double yellow lines. The loading of vans is to be restricted but only during the rush hour.

It is expected that these proposals will ensure that traffic can flow through the town at appropriate speeds whilst allowing access to facilities and businesses in the town centre.

Take Action to Stop Increased Fly-tipping

Surrey County Council is currently consulting on the opening hours and the services provided at its Community Recycling Centres (CRCs) such as the facility at Ranmore Road on the edge of Dorking.

The consultation covers ways in which costs can be reduced through reduced opening times and the introduction of new charges.

It does not cover any consideration of the effects of the reduced opening times and the proposed new charges, such as an increased incidence of fly-tipping, that these proposals might cause or the increased costs of sorting these problems which are likely to fall on District / Borough Councils, landowners / farmers, and the National Trust.

The aim of the review is to reduce the net costs of operating the tip and to achieve this the County Council is looking for comments on: introducing charges for non-household (such as DIY) waste or not accepting such waste, reducing opening hours on weekdays, closing on the least busy days of the week, full closure of some community recycling centres, only accepting waste in clear plastic bags so that its that can be recycled can be separated out, and selling second hand items.

If you would like to express your views and / or are concerned about limiting access to the Community Recycling Centres in this way and / or are concerned that limiting opening hours will result in an increased incidence of fly-tipping in our more rural areas, please complete the short questionare at:
by 30 September 2015 and help to ensure that the services needed are provided by the County Council and that our environment is protected from the fly-topping of waste.

Meadowbank Football Stadium

Liberal Democrats have strongly backed the football stadium development, together a cafe at Meadowbank which we have long promoted, and are delighted that the District Council has obtained a £500,000 grant towards the cost of the all-weather pitch and that planning permission for the development has been granted. We are also seeking to ensure that the children’s playground is enhanced (and the indoor soft play area built) as part of the project so that all members of the community can fully benefit from the development.
We have, however, called-in the specific decision that the facility should be let to a single football club and not necessarily made available to both senior football clubs in the town. The decision to call-in this specific point for review resulted from the issues created by the success of Dorking Wanderers at Westhumble Playing Fields where the infrastructure is not good enough to support a team in the league that they will be playing in from next season. We regret that Conservative Councillors were not prepared to give due consideration to this issue.
We are delighted that this development is proceeding – on completion it will be an outstanding new facility for Dorking.


Stop Office Conversions

Liberal Democrats are seeking to retain the high quality offices we have in Dorking and to stop the conversion of the offices into new flats.
The conversions are happening as new planning rules introduced in 2013 mean that the conversions can take place without planning permission if the external facade of the building is not altered.
Once the conversions have happened, there are then fewer employees working in the town which results in people shopping in Dorking which, in turn, is threatening the viability of some local businesses.
The offices also are being converted into expensive residential units which many local residents cannot afford and as such the conversions are doing little to resolve the housing needs of long term local residents.
We recognise that some office conversions may be appropriate whilst others certainly are not. We believe that the planning authority is best placed to make this decision together with seeking the development of affordable housing units on each site.


Deepdene Station Consultation

Surrey County Council is currently consulting on Phase 1 of the “Dorking Sustainable Transport Package” which, over three phases, aims to promote pedestrian and cyclist access to our stations. The first phase aims to improve the two bus stops which serve Dorking Deepdene Station and to provide real time bus information at the stops, to improve the sheltered waiting areas on the platforms, to improve the shared cycleway between Dorking Deepdene and Dorking Stations, and to provide a road table across the entrance of Lincoln Road and widen the footpath from the Lincoln Arms to the taxi rank.
The proposals are set out in detail and the consultation where you can register your views can be found at The consultation closes on 31 July – ensure you give your comments by this date!


A Town Council for Dorking?

Several communities in Mole Valley, including Bookham, Dorking and Westcott, are investigating the possibility of establishing Town or Parish Councils with similar powers to those that already exist in most of the rural villages in the District.

In Dorking this initiative has been promoted by the Town Centre Forum with the aim of letting residents choose whether the benefits of more local decision making outweigh the costs of introducing a Town Council.

This initiative has to follow a process laid down by government, including widespread consultation and a referendum. A petition calling for a Town Council to be set up has been started to find out if there is sufficient support for such a council amongst residents of the town.

Liberal Democrats want local communities to make their own decisions after a thorough discussion of the issues and respect the Town Centre Forum view that this should be free from political influence.