Our Policies for Mole Valley


Services for the Elderly and Those in Need

Protect and improve services for the elderly and vulnerable, such as the citizens’ advice bureau, the dial-a-ride service, the handyman service, the telecare service, the social centres which provide cooked lunches, chiropody, hairdressing and social activities, and the dog warden service.

Services for the Homeless

Ensure that adequate provision is made for the homeless and provide accommodation cost effectively for those who need it.

Invest in the Community

Seek to provide support for the arts and sports through grants to local organisations and to support and develop community facilities such as introducing a cafe on Meadowbank and an all-weather astroturf pitch in the south of the District. Provide industrial units for business start-ups to assist in generating employment in the District.

Fees and Charges

Seek to ensure that fees charged for services are limited to the costs of providing the service so that the District Council does not profit from providing services to those in need. Maintain the new charging structure for car parking which lets residents pay by the minute for time to be used after one hour.


 Make Towns and Villages Cleaner and Brighter

Protect and care for our green spaces through introducing environmental enhancement schemes; improve litter collection and street cleaning; support the Dorking and Leatherhead markets; and enhance the built environment in our town and village centres.

Ensure Maximum Recycling and Efficient Use of Energy

Increase recycling provision, encourage more business waste recycling, implement the ‘green deal’ by supporting residents in energy saving; and limit charges for the “garden waste” collection scheme to the costs of administering the scheme.

Protect our Green Environment

Give priority to building on previously developed land, resist inappropriate and damaging development, and resist inappropriate release of land from the Green Belt.

More Effective

Promote our Town Centres and Villages

Use planning policy to enhance the built environment of our town and village centres, protecting their special character such as through the encouragement of appropriate shop frontages (ie not “national standard chain frontages) and maintaining the unique character of each of our villages.

Planning Enforcement

Ensure that appropriate enforcement action is taken when planning permission is breached.

Cut Bureaucracy and Enhance Partnerships

Cut red tape and save unnecessary back-office costs by increasing shared working with partners such as other local Councils, the police and voluntary organisations.

Make Full Use of Council and Community Assets

Retain Pippbrook in Dorking as Mole Valley’s ‘civic centre’, maximise the use of the Dorking Halls and our leisure centres and promote their use.

Review Existing Uses of Property Assets

Review the use of the Voluntary Organisations Hub at the former Mayflower Centre and the land at Curtis Road, Dorking to ensure that these assets are effectively managed and provide value-for-money to residents.

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