Our Policies for Surrey

Roads and Transport

Resurface more roads and implement more flood prevention schemes.

Repair potholes, signs, and bollards more quickly and to a higher standard.

Extend the roads to be gritted and introduce grit bins where they are needed

Ensure roads have appropriate speed limits, not just the national default speed limit, and promote 20 mph speed limits near schools and in residential areas where supported by local residents.

Support on-street residents’ parking schemes where desired by residents.

Oppose on-street parking charges in market towns and large villages.

Introduce more frequent bus services, especially in rural areas, co-ordinated with rail services where possible.

Work with other organisations to increase community transport.

Children & Young People

Improve the standard of education for all children, targeting the one third of primary school pupils OFSTED says are receiving less than a “good” standard of education.

Improve school place planning and provide sufficient school places and classrooms where they are needed.

Improve school transport and involve schools in ensuring necessary school transport is provided.

Improve the standard of children’s social services from the current “adequate” to good” and then to “outstanding” by attracting highly qualified social workers to Surrey.

Provide increased support for families in need, including respite care and increased in-county facilities for children with special needs.

Protecting the Environment

Protect the countryside, including the green belt, from inappropriate development and safeguard wildlife and wildlife habitats.

Oppose expansion of Heathrow, Gatwick and smaller Surrey airports.

Promote recycling of general waste, provide county-wide recycling of organic waste, continue to oppose mass burn incineration, and dispose of remaining waste in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Improve the energy efficiency of County Council buildings.

Vulnerable People

Increase early support, advice and information for vulnerable people and their carers.

Make respite care more widely available for carers.

Retain County Council residential care homes for those with the highest and most complex needs.

Local Services

Keep all libraries open and run by qualified librarians.

Maintain youth facilities with no youth centre closures or reduction in facilities, provide youth cafes in Surrey’s towns and provide outreach youth services in local communities.

Improve accessibility and ensure consistently good adult education services across the county.

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