Our Successes In Dorking North

Green Belt Review

Successfully opposed proposals to revise the green belt boundary to the west of the town which would have seen new housing estates built between Dorking and Westcott.

The Malthouse Youth Centre

Led the campaign for The Malthouse to be redeveloped as a new youth centre for Dorking with an outdoor sports facility.

West Street and High Street

Promoted the Environmental Improvement schemes for West Street and the High Street with York stone paving and iron streetworks.

Residents Parking Schemes and Commuter Parking

Actively supported resident groups working to introduce residents parking schemes in the Rothes Road / Wathen Road / Hart Road / Hart Gardens / Ansell Road area, Lincoln Road, Fairfield Drive, Meadowbrook Road and Myrtle Road, arranged for one hour parking restrictions introduced on the Deepdene Avenue service road, Calvert Road and Chichester Road to stop all-day commuter parking, and arranged for parking restrictions to be introduced around the entrance to Deepdene Avenue Road and near the Esso Garage.

Promoted the discounted Worker Parking Permits for lower paid employees at the St Martins Walk and Southside car parks

Roads Resurfaced

Promoted the resurfacing of local roads: West Street, South Street, Vincent Lane, Rothes Road, Wathen Road, Hart Road, Hart Gardens, Ansell Road, Mill Lane, Old London Road, Ranmore Road, Mowbray Gardens, Pippbrook Gardens, Meadowbrook Road, Myrtle Road and Milton Court Lane have been resurfaced.

Supermarket Development

Supported Waitrose, Lidl in Vincent Lane and the Tesco on the Reigate Road as the appropriate supermarkets to be developed for Dorking whilst opposing supermarket development at St Martins Walk, which would have blocked views of St Martins Church, increased congestion in the High Street, and caused the bus stops outside the White Horse Hotel to be removed, and the proposed supermarket development at Curtis Road.

Meadowbank Play Area and Skate Park

Ensured public consultation on the childrens’ play equipment to be installed at Meadowbank and ensured the refurbishment of responded to the wishes of residents and introduced the older childrens play equipment and skate park.

Drainage on the Reigate Road

Ensured the drainage issues which caused flooding on the A25 Reigate Road near the Deepdene Ropundabout were resolved.

On-Street Parking Charges

Successfully opposed the proposed introduction of on-street parking charges in the town.

Pedestrian Crossing on Ashcombe Road

Arranged for the pedestrian crossing at the A24 end of Ashcombe Road to be installed (we wish it was further along the road but this cannot be achieved without the loss of the mature trees by the road).

Pedestrian Crossing at the Deepdene Roundabout

Arranged for the pedestrian crossing on the A24 by the Deepdene Roundabout to be installed so residents from the Deepdene Vale area can easily walk into town.

Old London Road Footpath

Arranged for the footpath linking the exit from Meadowbank to the footpath by Fairfield Court to be carved out of Old London Road.

Meadowbank – Mill Pond

Supported the environmental improvements on Meadowbank with the improvements to Willow Walk and the Mill Pond.

Dorking Halls and Dorking Sports Centre

Supported the development of the Dorking Sports Centre, the Dorking Halls and the Cinema into the facility that they are today.

Sunday Bus Services

Campaigned for introduction of Sunday bus services between Dorking and Guildford / Reigate / Horsham.

… and the small improvements you can see that are often taken for granted

“No vehicular access to Sondes Place” signs have been placed on the Sondes Place Drive road nameplates.

The town path near Leslie Cottage was patched.

Safety audit was carried out on the Deepdene Avenue cycle path and new safety features introduced (reflectors on the poles obstructing the path, give way markings, and demarcation of the path to keep cyclists away from the the blind entrances to the houses driveways

Arranged for the roadsign on Deepdene Avenue to be repaired when it was damaged and pointing in the wrong direction.

Culvert underneath Meadowbank from opposite Myrtle Road to the Mill Pond cleared to prevent flooding.

New bus shelter on the Westcott Road by Hannover Court

Introduced “no access to Milton Court” sign in Milton Court Lane.

Seats installed in the High Street by the bus stop outside Superdrug, in Chalkpit Lane by Vine Court, and seat repaired in Church Street

Rubbish bins installed in Ashcombe Road

Posts installed to promote chold safety opposite St Martins School.

WigWag installed by St Martins School

Signage erected to highlight traffic queues by the Ranmore Road tip with “Keep Clear” signs by the tip to help keep traffic flowing

Railings alongside the A24 by Mowbray Gardens and Croft Avenue painted

No parking lines between the school zig zag markings at St Martins school and Ashcombe School

Introduced consistent 40mph speed limit on the Westcott Road to slow traffic approaching Dorking

Arranged for the roundabouts in Fairfield Drive and the area at the corner of Calvert Road to have the overgrowth cut back and the areas tidied

Arranged for heritage street lights to be installed in Rothes Road and Jubilee Terrace

Arranged for vehicle activated speed signs in Ashcombe Road

Introduced additional lighting on path between Deepdene Vale and Lincoln Road

Repaired the parapet on the walkway by Pippbrook Mill

Filled in the wall on the lowest deck of St Martins Walk car park to stop noise disturbing local residents

Installed lights in the courtyard at Archway Place and by Leslie Lodge

Funded new boiler at the Christian Centre and contributed towards the refurbishment of the kitchen

Funding towards the improvement of the courtyard at the United Reformed Church

Arranged repair of the wall between the United Reformed Church and the West Street car park.

2 thoughts on “Our Successes In Dorking North

  1. Stoat says:

    I suggest you look at https://barnetcpz.blogspot.co.uk/

    Short version: It is unlawful per section 122 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act for a council to use parking income (on or offstreeet) for anything other than parking related purposes. A high court judicial review, several lawsuits (which councils invariably lost) and auditor reports say so.

    MVDC has stated in FOI responses that it is using parking and penalties income as general revenue (unlawful).

    MVDC was reported(*) as explicitly stating that the removal of 30 min parking charges plus increase of 1 hour charges was to make up lost central government revenue
    (*) Back in April 2009 or so.

    We know how well that worked out for local businesses (and how the expected increase in parking income turned into a 20% decrease), and is continuing to work out for local businesses.

    Continuing to operate in an unlawful manner exposes the council (and those who approved the unlawful activity) to potentially unlimited legal liabilities from those affected by that unlawful activity – ie: the local businesses.

    Barnet council ended up having to pay out over £155,000 in legal fees after losing its case in the High Court judicial review – that’s on top of the court fees it was charged and the legal fees it incurred itself.

    Will MVDC continue to bluff its way forward on this matter? This could get extremely expensive quite quickly as there is plenty of legal precedent already settled. Having to issue refunds to affected parties is not impossible.

    The district auditors no longer have the power to surcharge councillors for unlawful decisions, but they do have other items at their disposal in the case of unlawful activities. I’m aware the external auditor is currently looking at this case and is likely to serve a schedule 8 notice of unlawful activity on the council soon.

    As a councillor, it is in your interest to seek external, _independent_ legal advice on this matter and not rely on what MVDC staff tell you.


    • The Residents Parking Permits for Dorking, Mole Valley are charged at standard rates for the county and these have not been subject to legal challenge. The charging rates were available to local residents when they voted to approve the schemes.

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